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ISCA provide the global standards for safe solar panel cleaning through safety training, awareness courses and technical advice and information by interpretation of standards and legislation. Become a member and access our solar panel cleaning courses and knowledge database.

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Our members enjoy multiple benefits, making sure they are totally up-to-date with the solar cleaning world.

ISCA safety awareness & courses

One of the main benefits of enrolling with ISCA are our online solar panel cleaning safety awareness and training courses. Each course provides vital information to make you aware of hazards and keep you safe.

Our next in-person solar panel cleaning safety awareness training course to be held at the IWCA convention, Galveston, Texas on January 29th – February 2nd 2024.

When completed, attendees receive ISCA certification. These certificates show that you are committed to providing the best standards of safety to yourself, your staff and your clients. It shows that you have attended the most quality-assured training for solar panel cleaners in the world.

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