ISCA Convention – Meet The Speakers

ISCA are endevouring to bring you the very best information from the very best speakers in the solar cleaning industry.  Below we showcase confirmed speakers to date.

ISCA Convention Speaker Steve Williams

Steve Williams

Steve is the Founder of ISCA, CEO of Clean Solar Solutions America and numerous other solar companies. He has over 26 years experience of the cleaning industry, 12 years specifically in solar panel cleaning.  Steve has a solid knowledge of the global solar panel cleaning industry and is a global solar cleaning and O&M consultant.  His role as a researcher, writer, public speaker and organiser is virtually unsurpassed in his field.  Clean Solar Solutions were awarded ‘U.K. Best Solar O&M Company’ in 2017 and in 2022.  In 2018 Steve was given personal recognition as a ‘National Energy Efficiency Champion’ in 2018 and was awarded ‘U.K. Solar Innovator of the Year’ in 2019.

Steve will tell his tale of how he fell into the solar panel cleaning industry quite by accident, the role that safety plays in the industry and what the future of solar cleaning is, as he sees it.  Brutally honest, this pioneer of the solar cleaning industry will share as much as he can in the time he has available!



Kim Verduyckt Profile Picture

Kim Verduyckt

Founder of the Solar Cleaners Network & Solar Siphon, Kim Verduyckt is the solar cleaning industry’s Mr Niceguy.  Selfless, knowledgeable and a marketing guru.  Kim believes in collaboration across the solar cleaning industry globally.  Having set up his solar panel cleaning company, Solarco Cleaning, in 2019, Kim has gone on to put his stamp on the global solar cleaning industry through knowledge-sharing and helping other solar cleaning business owners get ahead.

Kim will explain how to use marketing to your advantage.  Having invested thousands of euros in scores of marketing training programmes, Kim will share some of the vital marketing essentials and insider secrets.  Listen up and take notes.  You won’t want to miss this!




Kevin Hargis ISCA Instructor

Kevin Hargis

President of Eco Advantage Inc., Director of Operations at Clean Solar Solutions America and an ISCA Instructor, Kevin has over 36 years of building service and cleaning experience.  With designations such as ‘Master Textile Cleaner’, Kevin has ten certifications in Carpet & Hard Floors and three certifications in Specialty Services and Building Management.  Kevin also serves on the Board of Directors for the International Window Cleaning Association and gives educational classes at multiple industry events each year.  Kevin’s crash course into the solar industry came when he was asked to serve on the Board of Directors for Clean Solar Solutions America, under the tutelage of Steve Williams.  He has excelled since.  Most recently, he represented Unger at the ISSA show in Las Vegas, explaining their solar panel cleaning products.

Down-to-earth, genuine and relateable, sit back and listen to Kevin give it to you ‘Sleeveless’ style!!!



Josh Laine ISCA Convention Speaker

Josh Laine

A California-based solar installer prior to becoming a solar panel cleaner, Josh has a wealth of experience to share with attendees.  Josh’s solar cleaning business, Solar Shine, operates across San Francisco and he places the utmost importance on high quality service.  With years of expertise in the solar industry in installation, inspections and cleaning, Josh will explain the technicalities of how solar actually works.  He will highlight possible electrocution points across a solar array and advise on how solar cleaners can carry out safe inspections.

This enthusiastic solar business owner will provide insights into the mind of a solar installer which will help solar panel cleaners enhance their service offering.




Joel Firth ISCA Convention Speaker

Joel Firth

As a former operations manager in the manufacturing industry, warehousing and logistics, Joel has vast experience of professional processes.  Now, this Australia-based Founder of Brighter Solar Cleaning, utilizes his experience in the solar cleaning industry.  Joel will talk on the subjects of business fundamentals, efficiency, professionalism and maintaining service levels.  He will explain how to differentiate yourself from your competition.

With a focus on explaining how to maintain profits as your business grows, Joel’s professional and friendly manner will make you feel right at home as he helps you drill down into the fundamentals of your solar cleaning business.







Ed Halse ISCA Convention Speaker

Ed Halse

Sales Manager at Solar Clean USA, kind hosts of the ISCA Convention for 2024, Ed is playing a key part in the global solar panel cleaning industry.  This UK-born sales machine now resides in Nevada as distributor for ground mount cleaning equipment manufacturer, Sunbrush.  Ed will be explaining how using the right tool for the right job wil enhance your solar cleaning business profitability.

Young, vibrant and passionate, Ed has a head full of solar cleaning equipment knowledge.  Listen up and be sure to make notes.  Ed will be launching key equipment information to you at a fair rate of knots!





Manuel Mateo ISCA Convention Speaker

Manuel A. Mateo

Enjoying a meteoric rise through the ranks of the solar cleaning industry, Manuel is CEO of UV Protek Solar Cleaning and an ISCA Instructor.  From humble beginnings cleaning solar panel manually in Puerto Rico, to proud robot and Sunbrush owner, Manuel has done it all.  In an intimate interview, Manuel will tell the story of his rise, pros and cons of various types of equipment and the tough lessons he has learned along the way.

Guaranteed to be the most chilled out of sessions, kick back and relax as you listen to this fascinating insight, Carribean-style, into what it takes to go from zero to solar panel cleaning hero!





Mike Draper ISCA Convention Speaker

Mike Draper

Safety supremo, Mike Draper, is owner of Illinois-based Expert Safety Services who are sponsors of the headline Safety Session.  What Mike doesn’t know about Amercian OSHA health and safety when it comes to window cleaning and similar activities, simply isn’t worth knowing.  Having operated a window cleaning business for 20+ years prior to focussing on safety, Mike has an excellent insight into the dangers and hazards that solar panel cleaners face.





John Johnston

John is Managing Director of Solar Shine Australia, one of the largest solar cleaning companies in Australia.  He will bring knowledge of the health & safety practices from an Australian point of view.  Straight-talking and jovial, we can be sure that John will give us straight information with a tint of humour.  Cleaning at height on all kinds of rooftops and utility-scale ground mount systems with Australia’s unique wildlife dangers, John wil bring us unique insights into solar panel cleaning.


Be sure to listen in on the headline Safety Session where Mike and other safety experts exchange views and provide advice for solar panel cleaners of all experiences.



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