Rooftop Solar Panel Cleaning Safety Awareness Course (Canada Edition)

  • All courses listed below come with certification upon completion and discuss the following content:

    * Module 1: The Solar Panel Cleaning Opportunity           

    * Module 2: Solar Aray Technical Information

    * Module 3: Solar Panel Faults, Failure & Breakages

    * Module 4: Why Clean & Soiling Types

    * Module 5: The Solar Panel Cleaner’s Biggest Risk: Electrocution

    * Module 6: Other Health & Safety Considerations

    * Module 7: Essential Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.)

    * Module 8: How Not To Clean & Bad Practices

    * Module 9: Residential Health & Safety

    * Module 10: Agricultural Solar Panel Cleaning

    * Module 11: Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning



Rooftop Solar Panel Cleaning Safety Awareness Course


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