Accidents happen – Fact

Report an accident anonymously and save lives.

Welcome to ISCA’s accident reporting portal for the worldwide reporting and monitoring of incidents involving solar panel cleaning.

You can report any accident or incident in this portal, including near misses. To provide the most useful information, please register and set up an account. You can also report completely anonymously.

man falling off a roof
arcing between electric cables

Likeliest Accidents

The workplace brings risks

Solar panel cleaning is no different. Solar cleaning has many inherent risks that need to be accounted for.  Here are some of the likeliest causes of accidents whilst cleaning solar panels:

ISCA’s Role

ISCA members share solar panel cleaning accident data.  The role of ISCA is to collate this data to identify areas of risk and common trends. These trends are reported to local and national safety authorities and can then form future guidance, training and safety awareness campaigns.
ISCA aim to increase understanding of our working practices and look to reduce incidents in every country. Any person or organisation can report.


Please register as an ISCA member first to report accidents on the database.  Once registered, you will be able to report and accident, incident or near miss. Information entered into the database will be kept strictly confidential and no action will be taken against a person or individual by ISCA.  All reporting made to safety authorities will be statistic-based only.  It will be used strictly for the purposes of analysis and improving safety. Report accidents, and help save lives!

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