We are thrilled to announce that Kevin Hargis, Operations Director for Clean Solar Solutions America LLC (CSSA) has joined the esteemed team of instructors at the International Solar Cleaning Academy (ISCA). Based in Michigan, USA, Kevin brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our academy. He will be leading in-person solar panel cleaning safety classes across the northeast of America, a region where the demand for clean and efficient solar panels is rapidly growing.

Kevin Hargis ISCA Instructor

Kevin Hargis, ISCA Instructor

The Importance of Solar Panel Cleaning Training and Certification

As the solar industry continues to expand, the need for skilled and certified solar panel cleaners has never been more critical. Solar panels are a significant investment, and their performance and longevity heavily depend on proper maintenance. Regular cleaning is essential to ensure maximum efficiency and energy production. However, cleaning solar panels is not a simple task—it requires a deep understanding of safety protocols, cleaning techniques, and environmental considerations.

Why Certification Matters

Certification from a recognized institution like the ISCA demonstrates that a solar panel cleaner has the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their job safely and effectively. Here are a few reasons why certification is crucial:

1. Enhanced Skillset: Certified professionals are trained in the latest cleaning techniques and safety measures, ensuring they can handle various types of solar installations with confidence.

2. Safety Compliance: Solar panel cleaning involves working at heights and dealing with electrical components. Proper training minimizes the risk of accidents and ensures compliance with safety regulations.

3. Business Growth: Certification sets a business apart from competitors. It signals to potential clients that the business is reliable, knowledgeable, and committed to maintaining high standards. This can lead to increased trust, more clients, and ultimately, business growth.

4. Environmental Responsibility: Proper training includes understanding the environmental impact of cleaning products and methods. Certified cleaners are equipped to make eco-friendly choices that protect both the panels and the surrounding environment.

ISCA Training Certificate

Kevin Hargis: A Valuable Addition to ISCA

Kevin Hargis’s extensive background with his janitorial company, Eco Advantage Inc, has equipped him with a deep understanding of the cleaning industry’s best practices. His more recent additiona to the board of directors at CSSA and his commitment to promoting safety and excellence in solar panel cleaning aligns perfectly with ISCA’s mission. Kevin’s classes will cover a range of essential topics, including:

– Safety protocols for working at heights and handling electrical components
– Effective and eco-friendly solar panel cleaning techniques
– Maintenance schedules and practices for optimal panel performance
– Understanding and complying with regional safety and environmental regulations

By enrolling in Kevin Hargis’s classes, solar panel cleaners in the northeast of America will gain invaluable insights and skills that will help them excel in their profession. Kevin’s hands-on approach and dedication to quality education ensure that each participant will leave the class fully equipped to meet the challenges of solar panel cleaning.

Join Us in Elevating the Industry

At the International Solar Cleaning Academy, we believe that well-trained and certified professionals are the cornerstone of a thriving solar cleaning industry. We invite all solar panel cleaners in the northeast to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field.

Welcome, Kevin Hargis, to the ISCA family! Together, we are committed to elevating the standards of solar panel cleaning and ensuring a brighter, cleaner future for all.

For more information about planned ISCA classes and how to enroll, please visit our home page or contact us directly. Let’s make solar panel cleaning safer, more efficient, and more sustainable—one certification at a time.