Can & Should You Turn Off Solar Panels For Cleaning? Understanding the Complexities and Risks

Can Solar Panels Be Turned Off? The subject of whether solar panels can be turned off is a growing topic in the minds of solar panel cleaners.  New solar panel cleaners think they can turn solar panels off by turning the big switches near the inverters and if they do this, it will eliminate any [...]

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ISCA International Solar Panel Cleaning Best Practice Guidelines V1.0 Preview

Below is a preview of the ISCA International Solar Panel Cleaning Best Practice Guidelines v1.0.  This document is designed to provide information to those individuals or companies who are seeking to provide the very highest levels of safety and service to their staff and clients.  Please note that these guidelines are international and the [...]

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ISCA Solar Panel Cleaning Best Practice Guidelines V1.0 (Premium Members Only)

ISCA have released V1.0 of the Solar Panel Cleaning Best Practice Guidelines. This is a downloadable document, available below. ISCA Solar Panel Cleaning Best Practice Guidelines v1.0 Topics covered in these solar panel cleaning best practice guidelines include: Cleaning frequency Water quality Types of solar panel cleaning equipment Biohazards Bad practices Chemical use Recommended training [...]

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ISCA 2023/24 Safety Awareness Training World Tour

Due to worldwide high demand, ISCA are very pleased to announce an IN-PERSON safety awareness class world tour for 2023/24! Zoom in and click the pins on the map to show locations and dates or scroll down for the tour date list. REGISTER BELOW! For a list of online courses, please click here. [...]

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ISCA Glossary of Solar Panel Cleaning Terms

As the solar panel cleaning industry continues to develop apace, more and more new entrants are coming into the marketspace.  This article is a Glossary of Terms that solar panel cleaners use.  Standardisation of terms is important in creating understandable language for our industry.  Understanding the language of solar is important if you intend to [...]

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What Percentage Increase Does Solar Panel Cleaning Bring? (Premium Members Only)

One of the main aims of solar panel cleaning is to increase solar array output.  The question is, what percentage out increase in output does solar panel cleaning actually bring?  It is a hotly debated topic, even amongst the solar panel cleaning community.  This is because solar panel cleaning companies want to show value to [...]

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Tucker USA Offer ISCA Solar Panel Cleaning Health & Safety Training

Tucker USA, a leading provider of window and solar panel cleaning equipment, today announced it is to offer ISCA solar panel cleaning health and safety training. The training is now available at a discounted rate of 40% off for all Team Tucker customers. “We are proud to offer ISCA’s solar panel cleaning health and safety [...]

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ISCA Launch Partnership with IWCA For Solar Panel Cleaning Training

The International Solar Cleaning Academy (ISCA) and the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) have announced a partnership program to provide solar panel cleaning health and safety training to the window cleaning industry. The program will offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of solar panel cleaning, including safety, PPE, equipment, and best practices.  IWCA [...]

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Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Working At Height Guidance – Part 1

Residential solar panel cleaning has the potential to require a lot of working at height.  The more working at height you do, the higher the chance of a fall from height becomes. In a research paper based on 32 years of data from the NIOSH Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program researchers found that 54% of workers [...]

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