Tucker USA Offer ISCA Solar Panel Cleaning Health & Safety Training

Tucker USA, a leading provider of window and solar panel cleaning equipment, today announced it is to offer ISCA solar panel cleaning health and safety training. The training is now available at a discounted rate of 40% off for all Team Tucker customers. “We are proud to offer ISCA’s solar panel cleaning health and safety [...]

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ISCA Launch Partnership with IWCA For Solar Panel Cleaning Training

The International Solar Cleaning Academy (ISCA) and the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) have announced a partnership program to provide solar panel cleaning health and safety training to the window cleaning industry. The program will offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of solar panel cleaning, including safety, PPE, equipment, and best practices.  IWCA [...]

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Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Working At Height Guidance – Part 1

Residential solar panel cleaning has the potential to require a lot of working at height.  The more working at height you do, the higher the chance of a fall from height becomes. In a research paper based on 32 years of data from the NIOSH Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program researchers found that 54% of workers [...]

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Solar Panel Cleaning -What Do Warranties Say?

What do the warranties of solar panel manufacturers say about solar panel cleaning? Below, we quote directly from a number of the world’s best-selling solar panel manufacturers manuals. Please note that they are all slightly different in their warranty requirements.  They vary in regards to their advice about solar panel cleaning, the frequency of solar [...]

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How To Use ISCA Solar Panel Cleaning Resources

The ISCA resource page is designed to keep members up to date with latest developments in regards to solar panel cleaning health and safety.  Member login is required to access ISCA Resources. We will continue to provide useful resources that will be available for download or viewing that will keep members informed and allow them [...]

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