The ISCA resource page is designed to keep members up to date with latest developments in regards to solar panel cleaning health and safety.  Member login is required to access ISCA Resources.

We will continue to provide useful resources that will be available for download or viewing that will keep members informed and allow them to work on the right side of regulations.  These may be in the form of Working at Height Regulations, Fall Protection Regulations along with details of prosecutions and fines within the solar industry globally.  It is our chief aim to raise the standards of our members beyond reproach through education.

How To Make The Most Of ISCA Resources

We strongly encourage ISCA members to check this page monthly to see if there have been any new releases relevant for their area.  If there have been, we encourage you to download them and build your own portfolio of safety information specific to your area for your future reference.

ISCA recognise that regulations and standards vary from country to country and state to state.  However, we will always encourage members to reach for the highest levels of standards, which we call ‘BEST PRACTICE’.  Best practice goes beyond the minimum needed to operate.  It is the benchmark that all of our members should strive to achieve.

Can I Lose My ISCA Membership?

Yes, but only in certain circumstances.  If it is noted that any ISCA member continually and deliberately flouts safety requirements and this becomes apparent through any form of media, ISCA may recind any training certificates that the person or company may hold and retract their ISCA membership.  This is a last resort and these actions will not be taken immediately or without warning to the person or company.

This action may be taken to protect the reputation and benefit other ISCA members who uphold the professional standards that ISCA teach and encourage.

This Resource page is designed to avoid any membership losses, by updating our members as often as needed.

We are sure that the Resources page will be a valuable source of information to all.