Welcoming Kevin Hargis to ISCA: A Step Forward for Solar Panel Cleaning Safety and Certification

We are thrilled to announce that Kevin Hargis, Operations Director for Clean Solar Solutions America LLC (CSSA) has joined the esteemed team of instructors at the International Solar Cleaning Academy (ISCA). Based in Michigan, USA, Kevin brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our academy. He will be leading in-person solar panel cleaning safety [...]

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El Éxito Pasado Genera Demanda de Más Capacitación en Seguridad para la Limpieza Solar en Puerto Rico

¡Estamos encantados de compartir el fantástico éxito del Evento de Capacitación en Seguridad de ISCA celebrado en Puerto Rico el pasado mes de abril! El evento fue un triunfo rotundo, reuniendo a profesionales de la industria, expertos en seguridad y entusiastas de la limpieza solar para una experiencia inolvidable. Los comentarios han sido abrumadoramente positivos [...]

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The Hidden Dangers of Overhead Power Lines When Cleaning Solar Panels

One of the most significant dangers when solar panel cleaning is also hidden.  The threat comes from overhead power lines, which pose a deadly threat to those working at heights. This article delves into the perils associated with cleaning solar panels near overhead power lines.   We will also explore the different voltages running through various [...]

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ISCA s’étend en France avec une formation en ligne sur la santé et la sécurité pour les nettoyeurs de panneaux solaires.

L'Association Internationale de Nettoyage Solaire (ISCA) est ravie d'annoncer son expansion en France, apportant sa formation en ligne hautement reconnue sur la santé et la sécurité pour le nettoyage des panneaux solaires à un nouveau public de nettoyeurs de panneaux solaires. Cette démarche marque une étape significative dans la mission de l'ISCA de promouvoir la [...]

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ISCA Expands Solar Panel Cleaning Health & Safety Training Into New Zealand

The International Solar Cleaning Association (ISCA) is thrilled to announce its expansion into New Zealand, bringing its highly regarded online solar panel cleaning health and safety training to a new audience of solar panel cleaners. This move marks a significant milestone in ISCA's mission to promote safety and compliance across the globe. The Importance of [...]

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ISCA разширява дейността си в България с Онлайн Обучение по Здраве и Безопасност за Почистващи на Слънчеви Панели

Международната асоциация за почистване на слънчеви панели (ISCA) се радва да обяви разширяването си в България, като представя високо оцененото си онлайн обучение по здраве и безопасност за почистващи на слънчеви панели на нова аудитория от специалисти в областта на почистването на слънчеви панели. Този ход е значима стъпка в мисията на ISCA да насърчава [...]

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ISCA se Expande a México con Entrenamiento en Línea de Salud y Seguridad para Limpiadores de Paneles Solares

La Academia Internacional de Limpieza Solar (ISCA) se complace en anunciar su expansión a México, llevando su altamente reconocido entrenamiento en línea de salud y seguridad a una nueva audiencia de limpiadores de paneles solares. Este movimiento marca un hito significativo en la misión de ISCA de promover la seguridad y el cumplimiento en todo [...]

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ISCA Founder and IWCA Solar Committee Chair Unite in Puerto Rico for Industry Advancement

ISCA Founder and IWCA Solar Committee Chair Unite in Puerto Rico for Industry Advancement In a remarkable display of commitment to innovation and safety within the solar panel cleaning industry, Steve Williams, the visionary founder of the International Solar Cleaning Association (ISCA), joined forces with Kevin Hargis, esteemed chair of the IWCA Solar [...]

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Can & Should You Turn Off Solar Panels For Cleaning? Understanding the Complexities and Risks

Can Solar Panels Be Turned Off? The subject of whether solar panels can be turned off is a growing topic in the minds of solar panel cleaners.  New solar panel cleaners think they can turn solar panels off by turning the big switches near the inverters and if they do this, it will eliminate any [...]

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